Hands-on Learning Curriculm

Language and Literacy

*Literacy skills related to writing and reading

*Letters of the alphabet / letters sounds

*Listening comprehension

*Motivation to read

Music and the Arts

*Different colors, surface textures, and shapes to create form and meaning

*Art as a form of self expression

*Music activities

*Varieties of simple songs

*Movement to music of various tempos

*Dramatic play with others


*Simple patterns

*Beginning math

*Identify numbers 1-20

*Understanding more and less

Wellness and Healthy Living

*Trying new foods

*Management of personal belongings

*Personal hygiene, such as washing one's hands and blowing one's nose




*Encourge use of science tools

*Cause and effect


*Doing things for themselves

*Taking responsibility for passing out, collecting, and organizing materials

*Learning self-direction